Friends are #1!




life has been so crazy, busy, and stressful lately. work is always on my mind and i’m frequently working when i’m not at work. i even wake up at night because i’m stressed out about work! but even with all of this stress, i have felt really lucky lately! i always try to make time for my friends because they are so important to me. plus, i think i would go even more crazy without them! i know here on the blog it seems like me and riley are hardly ever with anyone besides each other but we are always trying to think of ways to spend time with our friends! i have felt lucky lately because i feel like i have so many real friends who care about me and who i can talk to so easily! it makes me so happy to get texts or phone calls from some of my best friends who now live out of state. or when my friend from school drops by my work and gives me a huge hug and you can just talk on and on. and when you text your friend asking if she wants to come over to talk and eat ice cream! that totally shows who your real friends are! you can also tell who your friends are if you feel comfortable with tagging them in every instagram contest on your feed haha!

being here in salt lake for the past four years has blessed both of us with some of the best friends we’ll ever have! from long school days to crappy jobs, good friends always come out of these situations, which makes it all worth it! what’s also incredible is seeing your friends have babies and being totally in love with those babies! i’m talkin’ to you, jude! anyway, enough gushing. i have just felt an overwhelming love for my friends lately and i needed to share!

thanks for reading! xoxo