31 Days of Halloween Movies

i just saw a quote on pinterest that said “halloween isn’t a holiday, it’s a lifestyle.” haha! i think i can totally relate to that. i love halloween! i don’t know where my love for it came from, but i probably love it more than anyone i know ;). before we were married, riley didn’t get it. he didn’t care for halloween at all. but then i got him to watch some halloween movies with me, made pumpkin cookies, and decorated our house and now he is a huge halloween lover! this year, he even asked me if we could get the halloween decorations out early! of course i said yes, so our house has been decorated since about the second week of september! haha!!

i take halloween movies very seriously. i have to watch all of the classics each year or else it wasn’t a good halloween season! i’m not into gory, horror movies. magical, spooky, and nostalgic is the way to go. i made a list of 31 halloween movies for you to watch this year! there’s enough for one every day leading up to halloween! i know, who has time to watch a movie every day?! NOT US. but, it’s good to have options, right?!  plus, we’ve been watching them for about a week now and will probably watch them in november as well. and maybe there’s some here you’ve never seen before!

here we go!




^^^hocus pocus should be everyone’s number one halloween movie. it’s basically the Elf of Halloween, am i right?! this can be the only halloween movie i watch all month and i’d be happy. i also still have dreams of dressing up as the sanderson sisters for halloween some day…who’s with me?!

   ^^^two more childhood favorites. it just wouldn’t be halloween without them! Anyone going to Disneyland for Halloweentime this year?! ride the tower of terror five times for me!

^^^We haven’t seen these two yet but they will be two of the only scary ones we’ll watch this year! i’m nervous about the babadook because it looks terrifying! has anyone seen it?!

^^^for those nights that you watch a real scary movie and you need to watch something uplifting so that you’ll actually be able to sleep at night.

there you have it! did i miss any crucial halloween movies? let me know!  happy movie viewing!