The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!




^^^you could buy interactive wands and wave them at windows throughout the park to make magic happen!

this is real (I have 500,000 pictures to prove it)! we really went to harry potter world! i never thought i would! and it was truly a dream come true. after two days at disney world, you may think universal sounds kinda lame in comparison. but it was so great! we spent most of the day in diagon alley and hogsmeade other than going on the mummy ride twice and the rip ride rockit roller coaster which were both awesome! but it’s all about harry potter world! i just wanted to walk around there all day and soak it all in! it truly felt like we were right in the movies! it was all so well done!



what we didn’t expect is that there are two separate harry potter “lands” and they are each in the separate universal parks so of course you need to buy a park hopper ticket to go to both lands. but it was worth it! it was fun to take the hogwarts express from king’s cross station to hogsmeade! the rides in both lands were amazing and so realistic! They even had moving pictures that honestly looked like real paintings!! How do I get those?! universal does a lot of simulator rides which were way cool (and like I said, made it feel like you were there!) but also made us feel a little nauseous! diagon alley was my favorite part. I wanted to buy one of everything: a robe, a broom, a wand, all of the trick candy at weasley’s, plus everything in knockturn alley to turn our house into something amazing every halloween! but…we didn’t buy a thing haha :) a girl can dream!








 we finally got to try real butter beer and pumpkin juice. the pumpkin juice was my favorite. we also had some yummy food at the leaky cauldron :) at the end of the night we got another weird sour green drink and watched celestina warbeck perform!

   ^^^We also got to spend some time with Riley’s mom and sister and Jenny and Peper! me and Michelle even showed up in the same outfit. haha!

i cannot wait until they build the harry potter world in L.A. so we can go more often! what a freaking amazing place!

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