Little Dates #12: The Aquarium!











we always pass by this aquarium when we are driving on the freeway and every single time we say to each other “we need to go there soon!”  Well we finally went! It’s just a little aquarium but pretty impressive for Utah. The best part is that there are penguins, otters, and sharks! You can even pet some stingrays :) the Penguins were being so fun and swimming around and the baby was trying to get food from its mom who was very annoyed haha! Otters are my favorite animals so I was a little too excited when I was able to put my face two inches away from theirs! Look at those noses! (sorry for posting four pictures of these guys haha!) It was so fun spending the day with Riley at the aquarium and finally checking this one off our summer bucket list! we also went to ikea afterwards which is always a fun little adventure :)

and now we’re home from florida (posts coming soon) and once again, i am sick. someone tell me why i always get sick after traveling?! and how can i not get sick? i would love some advice!