Epcot and Our Anniversary Dinner!



 ^^^yes I shamelessly took a screen shot of this picture because I stupidly didn’t have them take a picture with our camera and I am not paying $15 for a digital download! 


 our last stop at disney world: epcot! i think epcot is so under-rated! we didn’t have a lot of time here which makes me sad. it turned out that there was so much to do and see! sadly, the rain never really went away that day. we even got to the front of the line of test track right when they closed it down for more rain and thunder :( it was such a bummer but that’s what you have to expect in florida i guess! something you should know for when it’s raining, and even when it’s not, is that you never have to carry your souvenirs around with you! disney world offers three awesome options for you: you can pick your items up at the front of the park whenever you exit that day, have it sent to your hotel if you’re staying in a disney world resort, or have it sent home by ups or fedex! no need to get lockers or to get your new goodies wet in the crazy florida rain storms!




^^^it was so humid and muggy at night that it really felt like we were in morocco! My camera lens even kept fogging up!

we started off our night at epcot by doing a few of the rides like mission space and spaceship earth. i will never ever ride Mission Space again. riley told me it’s so cool but no! i am so claustrophobic and i panic when there isn’t a clear exit. add the most motion sickness-inducing movements to that, and you get one of the least enjoyable experiences ever! haha!


we had a dinner reservation which took up a lot of our time at epcot but it was worth it! we decided to have a special anniversary dinner while we were at disney world so we chose the Restaurant Marrakesh! we were so impressed by it! the service was so amazing and i felt like it was inappropriate to take out my big camera to take pictures so i only have iphone pictures! a belly dancer danced to live music as we ate the most delicious Moroccan food we’ve ever eaten! what is so cool about the world showcase is that the employees are all native to that country! it just added to the authentic atmosphere and experience!




after dinner, we went through the rest of the world showcase. there was so much to see! then we got great spots for Illuminations which we didn’t even know was a thing until that day! it was such an incredible light and firework show! it made for a perfect ending to our disney world trip!



but that was not enough for us! magic kingdom was still open for a couple more hours so we hopped over there, caught the end of the electrical parade, ran over to splash mountain, failed because we didn’t have time to ride it before our bus came, so we ran back to the entrance, and slept like babies to re-energize for harry potter world the next day! What amazing memories! I’m so grateful I was able to experience Disney World with Riley! I’m even more grateful that he appreciates all things Disney as much as I do (ok, almost as much). I can’t wait for many more trips to Disney in our future :)

 (I have used exclamation points at the end of every sentence in this post…haha oops)