Little Dates #11: RSL Game!

 happy world cup final day! can you believe we are playing japan in the final again this year?! it’s a chance to redeem ourselves but if it’s a repeat of four years ago, i might have a heart attack. i remember very clearly pacing around our house during those final pk’s! i’m sad i’m not home with my brother to watch this cup because it was always kinda our thing that we did together. the final is always on a sunday so we would walk home from church together since my mom wouldn’t leave early to drive us :) we’ve been texting back and forth during this one which has been fun, though.  hopefully we’ll be in the same city to watch it together in 2018 :)

a couple nights ago, riley got us tickets to the real salt lake game! it also came with tickets to the real monarchs game so it was a fun night filled with soccer (as well as the japan-england game!). it was a perfect date night, especially during the women’s world cup! it was blazing hot but by the time the rsl game started, at least our seats were in the shade! and rsl won!! it was a great game! the fans are a ton of fun too. the stadium gets pretty loud! I told you they were legit!


 ^^^the rita’s truck was there, so I made riley buy us some! it was worth it too because it was still hot after the sun wentdown! it was a delicious treat (as usual)!

luckily, we don’t have to leave church early to watch the game today! who else will be watching? I am so nervous!!