Happy Birthday Disneyland!

When I was planning this last trip home to California, I knew I had to go to Disneyland for the 60th anniversary! So I got all of my siblings on board and we went! We haven’t done something like that with just the four of us in forever. We were super sad that our mom wasn’t there though :/ I told her we would do it again with just us in two years!

we were pleasantly surprised to see a  lot of changes on most of the rides! has anyone been on the new matterhorn? scary! and we rode big thunder mountain multiple times because it was so good!


This time, we didn’t do a park hopper so it was a breeze getting everything done that we wanted to…and then some! we also branched out and finally tried some new food instead of bread bowls with chowder as per usual :) we had the obligatory churro (which me and Brianna ate in probably 5 seconds) and dole whips, and also tried the jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel and the mickey mouse shaped beignets! woahhh those beignets were the best I’ve ever had! and I’ve had café du monde’s so….I want to know what Disney puts in those things! I don’t know why anyone eats anywhere other than new Orleans square at Disneyland to be honest!

^^^this is queenie. She greeted all of her guests at the French market restaurant before she went on stage to sing. She loved Bryce. And thought my name was TIANA and got really excited ;)

it was so much fun being at Disney with my siblings! i’m glad they appreciate Disneyland and its food as much as I do ;) we had so many laughs and just about died on splash mountain! one look at that picture (below) and I am cry-laughing in a second! and then real crying because I don’t want Bryce to leave! I can’t wait to do it again when Bryce gets home in two years!

^^^just me and bryce in front of the human bone cage from pirates of the Caribbean! also, i was totally leaning the wrong way in all of those matterhorn pictures. haha!!

the only complaint I have about Disneyland is how they handle the parade/fireworks traffic situation. they probably do the best they can but it’s just horrible when you are trying to find a spot and a) people bring five blankets and spread out like it’s their living room and b) you aren’t allowed to go a certain way so you are stuck in a horrible spot because you can’t move anywhere else! well, at the end of all of that the firwork show was cancelled that night?! we couldn’t believe it!! that is the best part of Disneyland and the reason why I pay $100. so that was extremely frustrating and sad. especially because it’s the 60th anniversary firework show that we won’t have a chance to see again :/

well, we told a nice lady named carrie our sob story and how Bryce is leaving for two years etc etc so she gave us VIP seats to the parade and walked us on a ride of our choice! ha! I felt bad because we were complaining so much but she was the sweetest lady ever and I just wanted to give her a big hug! she said “I just want to make some magic for you guys!” She told us how they just updated the Peter Pan ride and suggested we should do that one and we did and it was amazing! we were wondering all day why that baby ride had an hour long wait and now we know why! it’s all led and magical. then she got us our vip seats for the parade which was also amazing! she definitely made our night since we were so sad about the fireworks!

 thank you, Disneyland and Walt Disney for giving me 22 years of magic! I have so many special memories from being at Disneyland with so many of my friends and family. what a special place it is! congrats on turning 60! I love you with all my heart! i was watching clips from opening day (60 years go today!) with my mom over the weekend and you should too because it is amazing!

stay tuned because i am planning on posting a little guide to disneyland in the next week or so! let me know if you have any questions ahead of time that you want me to throw in there!

and the magic doesn’t end here people! in two weeks, me and riley are flying to florida and are going to Disney world and harry potter world!!!! every time I think about it I just squeal and get so excited!!!! july 2015 has a lot of ups and downs for us but I’m so grateful Disney is involved!!

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