Happy 4th!

A holiday we can all celebrate! Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays (along with Halloween) because it’s so American and just pure summer! I took riley out to this barn while we were in park city on sunday. it’s fun because it has this giant American flag on the side of it that you can see from the road. I didn’t know if it was private property or not but I was going to take pictures in front of it no matter what ;) turns out it’s a Utah historical site…who knew?! it was such a pretty piece of property with the cutest little farm house behind the giant barn. I told riley I could totally live in a place like that! the surroundings were just amazing too. pictures taken with my iphone, we’ll have to go back to get real ones with our real camera! and maybe on a day where I’m actually wearing makeup ;)



this time last year, we were in boston! believe it or not, this is my first year in Utah for fourth of july! I can’t wait for today’s festivities! and I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures from the year’s best holiday! have fun!!