the real reason i went to california last weekend was for my brother’s farewell on sunday. he is leaving on july 21st for Guatemala and will be serving a mission in el salvador and belize for two years. so, the time had come for us to say goodbye. it seems like we have been waiting for this moment for so long. well, we have been because bryce had to wait till he was 18 to get braces (long story) and then had to wait until they were off in order to leave on his mission. it’s been a long road but here we are! i’m not as excited as that exclamation point might perceive ;)


anyway, last sunday, bryce gave his farewell talk in church. uh…who is this kid? it was amazing. he’s a huge example to me and i hope while he’s gone i can become a better and stronger follower of christ because of his example. sunday evening, we had an open house for bryce and his friend Shanna who also gave her farewell talk that day (she left for bolivia on tuesday!). we had a blast with all of our family and friends! it was awesome to see everyone there for bryce!


i loved hearing people talk about how they remember holding him when he was a baby or how they even remember his baby blessing day (and what was said in the blessing)! we have been so blessed to be in the same ward our entire lives and to have an amazing ward family! i wouldn’t have it any other way. bryce has also been so lucky to have so many amazing friends and examples! he really hit the jackpot with friends, but it doesn’t hurt that he’s an amazing friend to everyone too. kids older, younger, and his age. i can definitely learn a thing or two from him about being a good friend/person. plus he’s a huge jokester so who wouldn’t love him?!



i’ve said goodbye to so many best friends for two years but this is the scariest and hardest thing i have ever been through. but i have to keep thinking positive thoughts. i keep reminding myself of all of the good things that will happen for my brother and the people he will meet in the next two years. i can’t wait to get his emails and pictures and to hear about all of his adventures. but until then, i seriously took two days off of work this week because i know i will be a mess! haha!


last weekend was so much fun, spiritual, and emotional! it was pretty amazing. i loved spending time with my mom and siblings. that never ever happens these days!

i will miss him everyday but i know these two years will fly by. hello, riley and i have already been married for two years and that went by in a second! and we are all hoping to go down to pick him up at the end! i can’t wait for that!

happy sunday! now i’m just holding my breath until bryce boards his plane on tuesday night. ah! :(

p.s. contact me directly if you’d like his email so you can hear from him! i’m sure his emails will be the best :)