Strawberry Picking Season!

anyone who has been to California in the summer should know that we have the best strawberries in the world!! Honestly when you get a good batch (which most of them are), they taste like candy! There are so many places in California where you can pull off and there are strawberry stands with fresh berries right from the local crops. It is my favorite thing. On our drive down the coast, we were able to stop at Swanton Berry Farm. This was one of my favorite things on our trip because of how quaint and old fashioned it was!

This place was rad because it’s all based on the honor system! There’s an open register on the counter where you can leave cash for the suggested amount. There are old board games and old music playing in the shop. We had some of their strawberry cider and it blew our minds how good it was! There were also strawberry pies and jams that looked so good! this place was well worth the stop, especially because we were getting a little hungry!


I wish I was home for strawberry days, but I’m hoping to find something like that here in Utah! Happy Friday people!