Hello June!

     last night, we had a little bonfire up American Fork canyon to say goodbye to May and to welcome in June and summer! It was a cool 90 degrees yesterday! I can’t believe that after a month of rain that the temps jumped so fast! Anyway, the canyon was hopping so we were lucky to find a spot!



We had so much fun with a bunch of our friends from school. I’m grateful for so many good, fun people in our lives! We grilled hot dogs, drank jones soda, and roasted some mallows.  Koda tried to pick up any crumbs we dropped! While we were making s’mores, somehow Stephen sat on a plate with a melty marshmallow on it and stood up with the plate stuck to his butt! He shook it off and Koda briskly ate the mallow from the ground. Stephen had a huge sticky spot on his butt afterwards! It was hilarious.


Good times! I can’t wait for more nights like these this summer! There’s nothing much like a bonfire in the mountains and watching the moon come out!