Twin Falls


our final destination-twin falls! we got to stay with riley’s grandparents and we explored twin falls with them and his uncle dave. twin falls is a pretty cool place! when you go outside of town, it’s desolate but pretty in its own way! there’s farmland that never seems to end and probably thousands of cows. there are also canyons that run through the whole place that you ¬†would never know about if you didn’t try to find them! it’s what makes this place so unique. i also loved seeing the huge homes on some of the farms. pretty impressive!

we drove around for hours checking out the canyon, seeing spring blooms, and seeing where riley’s grandma grew up! it was so fun! we even got to eat one of the best pulled pork sandwiches we’ve ever had!

now brace yourself for all of these pictures! we didn’t get any of us or anything very exciting, just mostly pictures of the sky and sunset. oops!!






^^^we saw this huge monster sturgeon at one of the hatcheries. creepy!



^^^this is a little hidden gem called balanced rock. riley ran right up to the top and we all waited at the bottom haha! definitely worth visiting if you’re in twin falls!



^^^i had to take a picture out the back window a) for the sunset and b) to show how empty this place is between houses! i can’t even imagine how life is out here!


i told riley that if i absolutely ever had to live here, i could because there is a target! that’s all you really need, right? ;)

we had so much fun on this trip to idaho! we were pleasantly surprised. it was so nice to take a break from school and work for a break. now i’m counting down the days till our next break!