Little Dates #5: Cinderella!


i haven’t posted any little dates for march yet! like i said, my schedule has been crazy lately. for our fifth¬†little date, we went to see Cinderella the day after it came out! we went to a late showing after school and work and turns out, it was sorority night. yep, our theatre was filled with sorority girls wearing tiaras and talking the whole time. it was great! but honestly, i loved the movie!! it was so well done and maybe made me shed a few tears. i still want to see it at least three more times. even riley tweeted about how much he liked the movie! which means i’m free to buy it when it comes out on blu-ray ;) i don’t know what was better, cate blanchett as the evil step mother, or that we had free movie tickets!

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 ^^^we had to get a selfie with the sorority girls!

it’s wednesday which means the week is almost over people!! high fives all around! we can do it!

p.s. one more idaho post is still on its way ;)