Franklin Canyon Park


i googled what to do in L.A. for the whole day that me and my mom had together. i stumbled upon this hidden gem! the reason i wanted to go to it is because it’s where they filmed the opening credits of the andy griffith show!! how dorky am i?! i didn’t grow up watching andy griffith (thanks a lot mom), but riley got me into it when we were dating. i love the andy griffith show so much now! it’s something i can’t wait to watch with our kids. me and riley haven’t finished all of the colored episodes…slowly but surely.


^^^look at baby opie!!! i think i know what we’re going to be doing for the rest of this fine sunday :)





anyway, me and my mom came here and could have stayed all day! it was so peaceful and quiet and green! on top being beautiful, this place also smelled so good. haha! and it’s practically in the middle of the city! i’m adding it to my list of places i have to take riley and koda :)

happy sunday!