My Brother Turns 20!


on friday, my little brother turned 20! i do not understand how that is real. i mean, he isn’t even a teenager anymore! so, i took the day off work, and me and koda went down to provo to spend the whole day with bryce! we went to the park, hung out with friends, went to dinner tucanos, then went bowling. we had a blast! sadly, riley was on a work trip and wasn’t able to come to the festivities :/ which meant i had to drive home way late at night by myself after a long day, so that was definitely a little scary ;)


^^^a bunch of bryce’s friends were able to come to dinner. it was great to see some cute faces from our hometown in california!


^^^i pretty much rocked our first game of bowling. i was so close to coming in first! :)


IMG_2147 (1)


^^^siblings! wish my mom and brianna could have been there!


we love brycey! he recently reminded me of the time in our relationship where we totally hated each other (ha!) and i’m so glad we’re past that! i love all of the time i get to spend with him while he’s still in utah here with us! let’s not even start thinking about when he will leave on his mission because i will instantly start crying, haha! he’s just the coolest person i know and i’m forever grateful that he’s my brother.