The Sturdy Kind that Doesnt Mind the Snow

i know this is a day late, because it took us about a million years to figure out this video (next time i won’t film vertically), but i still wanted to share our pretty tree. if you just play the video backwards, you’ll see us taking down the tree which is more relatable at this point ha! ;)


when we got our tree home, i was positive they gave us the wrong tree. the one in our living room was so fat and round and looked like it was going to eat our 50″ tv. a tree that fat does not belong in a tiny apartment, but what are you gonna do. so we decorated it and i think it looks real pretty. it kinda resembles santa clause, actually. but i think this tree’s name should be big bertha or something.


this year, i took pinterest’s advice and we bought two strands of large bulbs to mix in with the standard size and wow does she shine with them! i also put my joy to the world banner that i made last year on the tree for a little extra sparkle. i love it! {most of our ornaments are from pottery barn, cg sparks, and costco. with a few cutesy ones like an apple from new york and a boat from our honeymoon. we’re still on the search for a puppy to resemble this year.}

IMG_1171 IMG_1175

unfortunately, the cat is a huge pain in the a$$ with the tree. she’s been spending a lot of time outside and in the bathroom as punishment. but apparently, this tree doesn’t mind a cat in its branches either! it stayed alive all month and isn’t even drooping or dry. success!


i hope everyone had a happy christmas! for being our first real christmas on our own, it was pretty great! and it snowed!!!

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