we finally got some real snow on christmas day! up till then it had been pretty warm which is really unusual for utah but i didn’t mind it because i’m used to warm winters in california :) anyway, all i wanted was a white christmas and we got it! christmas day, we woke up under the tree, opened presents, i made german pancakes for breakfast, and we skyped our families. i watched them open presents and it almost felt like i was there :) then we got all bundled up and went to memory grove with our bear. he was so stinkin happy to play in the snow! we were some of the first people there and everyone who was there was happy and wishing each other a merry christmas. it was pretty magical! we met some husky friends, made snow angels,and threw snowballs to koda, which really confused him ;)



IMG_1245 IMG_1243 IMG_1240

^^^this was after we threw snow all over koda and he so did not like it. he would come up to us real close or go between our legs and sit down all sad. that’s his way of telling us to stop being mean and to just throw his ball haha!


we spent the rest of our christmas watching lots of movies and eating a delicious authentic tamale dinner. we also drove around the city looking at everybody’s christmas lights. i have always loved doing that, especially driving through the avenues and east bench, seeing the big beautiful homes!

anyway, it was such a wonderful christmas here in utah, even though i really missed being home. (but we’ll be back there soon) i’m excited to see what 2015 brings for our family! i think it’s gonna be a good one. Happy New Year!!