Salt Lake City Lights


The other night, pretty much all of our plans fell through but we were still able to have a fun night on the town! we haven’t had any time to do anything festive yet with riley finishing up finals and us both working everyday, so we were excited to finally get to see the lights downtown! we started at temple square, then city creek, and then made our way to our favorite restaurant: the copper onion. it was so fun (and not too cold!) to walk around our city and enjoy all the lights! as much as i hate crowds and traffic taking over this little city (hello road rage), i loved enjoying the very thing that causes all of the traffic. ha!






^^^they do these candy windows at macy’s every year. this year’s was my favorite! a cute skiing penguin, mr. narwal on a merry-go-round, gingerbread man, and a cup of hot cocoa!







^^^we love the copper onion! we had the lemon ricotta dumplings as an appetizer and i still can’t stop thinking about them! i could eat those things everyday! unfortunately, my pork chop entree started to make me feel nauseous because it was undercooked (the new thing, apparently). no i’m not pregnant. so that was a little disappointing because i always love everything the copper onion has to offer! but our olive oil cake made up for it :)


i feel so behind on everything! we’ve had one fire this month, watched maybe 4 christmas movies, done like 2 christmas-y things, and hardly drank any hot chocolate. no gingerbread houses, no festive shopping trips (other than city creek), no ice skating, and not even any snow! it’s making me a little sad, christmas just snuck up on us so fast this year! but at least we have a tree (post coming soon)!

praying for snow on christmas day!