Our Winter Home


I try not to go too crazy with buying new decorations every year and i think i do a pretty good job. but don’t ask riley what he thinks about it because he’d probably say that i go a little too crazy ;) so this year, we added a lit garland (from costco for $30!), some bells, a few ornaments, and a nutcracker (bought at The Nutcracker today)! next year i hope to add a tree skirt and some more garland.

anyway, i wanted to share a few pictures of christmas in our home. i love decorating but this year just felt so crazy and busy and cramped so i didn’t enjoy it as much. i can’t wait to have a house! i do love adding little magical touches everywhere i can, though. here are some pictures :)

IMG_1053 IMG_1051 IMG_1055


^^^the present with koda’s face is for my mom, because she’s almost as obsessed with him as i am ;) | this is the garland from costco. it’s so good! i also weaved some jingle bells into it for a little something extra. i also love this little boxwood wreath in my mom’s frame that i stole from her ;) | i got a lot of extra pine branches from the tree lot hoping to make a wreathe, but instead i just scattered them around the house in as many places as possible. and they make great garnish for presents. | i added a little christmas-y spot on our bedroom dresser with a mini tree and lots of candles. | paperwhites are fun to grow in the winter but start to really stink haha. | and this last present is a surprise for riley to open tonight :)

today we decided to go to Ballet West’s Nutcracker. i think we should make it a christmas eve tradition, especially once we start having kids! and now i’m waiting for riley to get home from work for some chocolate fondue and christmas movies!

merry merry christmas eve! after having a bit of a meltdown last night about not being home for christmas, i’m feeling a little better and am excited to skype my family while they open presents in the morning. i wouldn’t be surprised if i started crying on that skype call, though haha!

our 2013 christmas home here.

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