Downtown Spokane


Disclaimer: This post is the kind with no pretty pictures and is really just for myself and family. i don’t upload pictures to facebook and i very rarely write in my journal so this is where i go to remember things happening in our lives. so you can skip right over this post without hurting my feelings ;)

while we were in washington for the thanksgiving break, me and riley went into downtown spokane for black friday. it is such a cool little city! there’s a mall right in the middle of the city ( kinda like city creek in salt lake or 3rd street promenade in santa monica). i loved it. there were christmas lights everywhere and a lot of hustle and ┬ábustle. i don’t know why people say they don’t like spokane because i thought it was really fun!


^^^we stopped by the gonzaga campus for a minute because riley had never been. it was really pretty and this church on campus was really cool too.


^^^we went to the famous davenport hotel hoping to see it all decorated for christmas, but it wasn’t yet! bummer. but it was still cool and we had fun walking around looking at all of the old photos. turns out bing crosby is from spokane and frequented the hotel!



^^^we went to the first annual lighting festival on the spokane river (also a fun thing about spokane). they had a whole program planned but then it started raining so they cut it short and turned the lights on aaaand it was kinda sad. and hilarious because it was so anticlimactic. but here’s to getting better every year! after that, we went to this cool sushi restaurant. my favorite roll was the playboy roll, so go figure ;)


i can’t wait to go back to see what else spokane has to offer! maybe next time we can go when the sun doesn’t go down at 4 pm ;)