Country Boy


we were able to bring koda with us when we went to washington last month. it was so great and he loved it!! even though he had his own spot in the car, he chose to lay on my lap for the whole drive. so i couldn’t feel my legs for 12 hours. but i loved every second of him cuddling with me.  he did so good for his first long road trip!




^^^ we let him run around a lot on our pit stops. he loved the snow so much!

there was a lot of snow the first day we were there and koda loved it! he’s probably dreaming of more snow days here! being at riley’s parent’s house was also his doggie dream come true. he got to go outside by himself, never on a leash, and poop wherever and whenever he wanted! there was so much space to explore out there. even being inside, he had so much room to run around. i’m sure he was so sad to leave and come back to our tiny apartment.


sadly, him and lucy (riley’s family dog) did not get along. i think koda was happy to leave her at the end of the trip haha! but seriously, how can anyone not love koda?!

here are a few more pictures showing just how happy koda was and just how pretty riley’s home is! happy sunday! 10 days till christmas! eek!