Anniversary at Snowbird

We were able to get away for a couple days to celebrate our first anniversary. we stayed at the cliff lodge up at snowbird (riley gets good deals with his season pass). and riley even won two all day activity passes a few days before we went! only thing was that there was an 80% chance that it would rain. so we crossed our fingers and it worked because it didn’t rain the whole time we were there! it turned out so perfect and we had so much fun together.

Warning: this post has a ridiculous amount of pictures of mountains. i just couldn’t help myself. sorry ahead of time.



we ate a fancy dinner at the aerie on the top floor of our hotel. they treated us so well because they knew it was our anniversary. everyone was so friendly and happy for us. they were especially happy that we chose to celebrate at their restaurant! they bought us dessert and everyone working signed a sweet card for us. i told riley that we should say it’s our anniversary every time we go out! ;)


our room was on the top floor next to the cliff spa, so we got complimentary access to it! it was such a luxury! i do have to add though, that since all of the buildings at snowbird are avalanche-proof, i kinda felt like i was in the hatch of lost, if you know what i mean haha.



the second day, we did all of the activities and had a blast. we rode the alpine slide a million times, and i never once beat riley. even when the guy at the top gave me a huge head start. urgh! they had a bungee trampoline and i had so much fun doing some flips! i want one of those babies in my backyard! i zoomed into those pictures and i have the biggest smile on my face, haha.


then we rode the tram and hiked up to the top of mt. baldy. the tram guy warned us that if it started to rain, we basically would probably be stuck up there. we kept watching the heavy grey clouds as they passed over us. and not one drop fell on us! it was a good time up there. riley loved showing me the spots where he would snowboard or mountain bike. he’s such a mountain man.






^^^you can see the valley through the mountains there.




^^^because when you’re at the top of a mountain with your husband, with no one else around, you can go shirtless.



^^^feeling pretty small in front of the massive mountains. really amazing.










^^^took a little break at the spa. and got a little burned.


we drove up to alta and decided to hike to cecret lake at the last minute. there were two moose (meese?) like, 20 yards off of the trail! it looked like a mama and baby (yikes). we also saw a male moose when we were on the tram at snowbird. my first time seeing a moose in person and i saw three in one day! it was a pretty cool experience.


^^^had to get a picture with our matching flannels! we did not plan that!


as we were driving away from alta, it started pouring. perfect timing! how amazing is that?!

Can you believe this is all less than an hour from our house?! we are so lucky. and this trip was just what we needed. it was so nice to leave the city, and it felt like we were so far away too! it was so refreshing, especially being in those gorgeous mountains. i want to go back all the time. there’s nothing much like the cool, fresh air that smells like pine and campfires.