Craving fall, just a little

Every summer, i get a weird urge for it to be fall. don’t get me wrong, summer is my favorite time of year. but for some reason at some point i always feel really ready for fall. i get so excited for the changing leaves, cooler weather (the heat here is just awful), football games, and halloween (my favorite holiday)!! and since i’ve been feeling this way lately, i’m going to share our road trip that we took to salem (and up the coast to maine) while we were out east. i was geeking out the entire time we were in salem. hocus pocus anyone?! it was such a cool town and they thrive off of everything witchy. plus, it was a dark, stormy day, which only added to the awesomeness. ironically, this was actually fourth of july. definitely different than any fourth of july i’ve ever experienced! thank you hurricane arthur! but we still had the best time!

here are some pictures from our trip up the coast!

photo1 (28)

photo3 (18)

photo5 (18)

photo6 (9)

photo1 (29)

photo4 (18)

^^^our first stop was marblehead, a really cool town right on the water with a lot of cute old houses.  i found some great sea glass on that beach. and i’m pretty sure i found a pearl. maybe…

each stop we made we only stayed for a few minutes because we wanted more time in salem and we wanted to make it up to maine before it got dark. next time we’ll have to spend more time in each place because they were all so cool and charming!


photo7 (8)

photo8 (8)

photo11 (3)

we didn’t do any of the museums in salem but i wish we would have! they also had ghost tours which would have been so cool but they weren’t till 8 pm and we’d be long gone by then. next time, next time! i was satisfied with all of the harry potter shops they had though! hello ollivander’s! and chocolate frogs! seriously, so great. i wanted to take everything home with me.

photo4 (19)

^^^that house right there is the house that the game, clue, was modeled after. only the best board game ever. i geeked out over that a little, too.

photo2 (22)

photo9 (6)

photo5 (19)

^^^next stop was gloucester (pronounced gloster). just another small boating town. just as charming as the last. check out that tiny (boat) house in the middle of the water! 

photo3 (19)

^^^we went through portsmouth, new hampshire which was a really cool town! it looked like it would’ve been a lot of fun if it wasn’t raining ;)

photo2 (23)

photo10 (5)

and our last stop was portland, maine. we found this really cool restaurant called nosh. it was small, local, and delicious! plus our russian waitress was so sweet. i got some sort of banh mi sandwich called the pho french dip and sea salt and vinegar fries. hello! and for dessert we shared the holy donut: a warm dark chocolate sea salt donut topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and peanuts. oh my goodness, i could have eaten five of those babies. we didn’t pack anything with us but we stayed in a hotel in maine and drove home in the morning. i regret not staying in portland for longer that morning! we’re just going to have to reenact this whole road trip again next time we’re there ;) but, riley finally got to mark off two more states off his list! and we successfully used up all of the fuel in erik’s electric car which he hasn’t filled up since april. wowza!

has anyone been to any of these cute towns? any tips for our next trip out there??