Snapshots of May

Phew! May went by so fast! this year is going by so fast! i’ve already been graduated for almost two months! what the?! anyway, may was a good month for us. it started with an ellie goulding concert and ended with a fun wedding. proof that it was a good one!

i have kept myself super busy lately working six days a week with three different jobs! i was so lucky and blessed to get hired at two of my dream jobs: West Elm and Alice Lane. i never thought i would get a design job so fast, let alone two!  i also teach the three year olds at church every other week. and let me tell you, they are a piece of work! me and riley also plan an activity for the whole ward once a month by ourselves. it’s not too difficult, but it is one other thing on our plate. although i don’t seem to have much down time, i’m not complaining too much. i have learned a lot and it won’t be like this forever!

we’ve spent a lot of our free time watching less tv and going on more walks and swimming in our pool! i love it! but it is mosquito season and they loooove me here. why?! where can i get 100% deet spray?! here are a few snapshots from this month that i haven’t shared yet :)

photo2 (15)

^^^anyone who knows me knows how much i love this sculpture! needless to say, i was pretty excited to see it at the art museum at byu.

photo1 (19)

photo3 (11)

^^^we had the privilege to see the “sacred gifts” art exhibit with the whole peper side of the family. and my brother joined in too! wow it was such a breathtaking exhibit. i’ve grown up seeing those pieces of art every sunday and to be able to see the real things in person was so special and amazing.

photo4 (11)

^^^then we went bowling with my favorite brother! we love spending time with him!

photo5 (10)

photo6 (5)

^^^we finally got patio furniture (against our better judgement)! we are so excited about it and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner out there as much as we can. friends are welcome anytime! ;)

i hope june is as good as may was! i think it will be. we have a fun trip happening at the end of the month! and my first install with alice lane is happening next week! i’m giddy with excitement! happy june!

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