A Weekend with My Brother

i love my brother. he is such an awesome dude. we’ve been the best of friends ever since we were little. we shared a room growing up and would always have fun talking to each other on our bunk bed before falling asleep. there were times in middle or high school where we totally hated each other but we are at a point in our lives now where we don’t ever fight and probably never will like we once did. this past year, we were so lucky to have him live only 45 minutes away from us. and it makes me so happy that him and riley have become good friends too!

well, this weekend, i moved bryce out of his college dorm for the last time and he stayed with us in salt lake until he flew back to california this morning. i’m so sad he’s gone but we had such a fun time together!

i apologize because there are a lot of pictures in this post. just take it as a sort of salt lake city guide of sorts!

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 ^^^We started the weekend by going to the creamery where we had to spend the rest of bryce’s food plan money so it wouldn’t go to waste. i was excited all week for this. but guess what happens when you have $200 to spend at a grocery store? you spend it all on junk food. especially the kind that you would never usually buy or that you’ve always wanted to try. all. junk. food. and one bag of cherries which cost 15 bucks. yeah, i’m still regretting all of it.

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^^^the next day, me and bryce went to the food truck round up in provo. i’ve been wanting to go to this pizza truck for so long and finally did! and it was so good! i hope they start coming to salt lake soon! you know i love me some good pizza! and i would be their #1 customer.

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^^^koda loved having brycey here! this is how he would wake him up every morning :) he loved being by him. and we loved having him here just as much as koda did! we also loved having a guest over to eat meals on the porch with!

as i type this, koda is laying on bryce’s mattress which is still on the living room floor. haha. i think he misses bryce :)

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^^^we all went to the natural history museum for our first time and were pleasantly surprised! the dinosaurs were one of my favorite parts. i don’t know if they were real bones. actually, i don’t even think i believe dinosaurs ever existed. ha! either way, this is a cool place to see. it’s right above the U and has great views. also it’s pretty inexpensive, or free for u students!

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^^^i took work off on saturday night so i can spend more time with bryce. we checked out the tracy aviary at liberty park. it’s a super cheap and super cool place to check out if you have an hour to spare! we had so much fun together seeing some weird looking birds! i was really impressed and can’t wait to take riley back there.

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^^^after the aviary, i took bryce to bruges (his first time). we shared the rickey burger and the torpedo waffle. two delicious choices! and it was just the right amount of food! one of salt lake’s best.

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^^^that night, our family friends from back home in california invited us to roast marshmallows up american fork canyon with them! so we loaded koda into the car and headed down there. it was such a good time catching up with this fun family! it made me miss home so much. one of the days, i need to just fly home for a weekend!

it was such a wonderful weekend! we ate good food (lots of junk food too! ;), watched a lot of soccer, played games, talked and laughed, went to new places and watched some new movies. i wish every weekend was like this one! and i wish my brother could stay forever! and now i’m all kinds of emotional. good night!