warm weather and the park

it’s officially warm weather season here! is it just me or did this past winter go by super fast?? maybe it’s because i was in my last year of school and i wasn’t able to embrace winter this year. or maybe it was because time was going by way fast since i always needed more of it. who knows. hopefully next winter i’ll have time to embrace it and enjoy it. but for now i am so happy and excited for warm weather! i am not looking forward to the sweltering utah summers though. it’s going to be my first full summer without going home to california! heaven help me!

anyway, we counted all of the change in our adventure jar and decided to spend it on koda. we got him a backpack for big hikes and backpacking! and he loves it! i was surprised that he didn’t scratch at it at all. we took him on a stroll at memory grove before he hit the big mountains with riley. he hiked mt. olympus the next day and did great! i think riley will blog about that soon :)

photo5 (6)

^^^here he is testing out his new toy! that smile says it all!

photo3 (7)

photo1 (10)

photo2 (7)

^^^sunset, our city, and my man. perfect!!

photo4 (7)

^^^i steal flowers from memory grove every week ;) fresh flowers in our home everyday! for free!!

on a sad note, koda lost his beloved frisbee in the creek today :,( he let it go to see another dog and it was swept away. he kept going into the creek to look for it but we couldn’t find it. it was the saddest thing ever! but it’s ok, we’ll surprise him with a new one soon :)