our city

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the city was totally killing it yesterday! perfect sunny weather and one of those sunsets that you always remember. i had to risk my life a few times to take some pictures while driving. sorry mama! i wish me and riley didn’t have to work so that we could’ve walked around the city and watched the sunset together but there will be many more chances this summer, i’m sure. gosh, i love this city. even though it’s not fast-paced like NYC or LA (which i love about them), it is awesome in its own way. there’s so much to do and see. i love those old building mixed in with the new. plus it’s extra special to me because it’s where me and riley fell in love and are spending the first part of our lives together!

speaking of riley…a year ago was when riley proposed to me overlooking this amazing city! a whole year ago! we have grown so much since then and experienced so much. it’s been so much fun with this guy. he spoils me like crazy and supports me in everything i do. how did i get so lucky??

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