Memorial Day Weekend

we had such a fun and eventful weekend! i can’t believe it’s already friday. as many of you may know, riley’s sister, delaney, got married over the weekend! i’ll post more about that later ;) on memorial day, riley went snowboarding with his dad. yeah, i’ve grown up going to the beach every memorial day. but not here in utah! snowboarding is still an option. ha! of course, i didn’t go because they are both pros. we did get to go swimming when riley got home though! snowboarding and swimming in one day is pretty awesome-or so i would think ;)

photo2 (13)


on memorial day, we also took koda on a picnic with us to sugarhouse park. i said to riley how nice it is that there’s no drama with bringing a dog anywhere like there is with kids. well i was a bit off because the second we got out of the car, koda was whining and pulling so hard on his leash. eventually he chilled out and enjoyed the shade while we had our picnic :) we even got him a new toy and of course he loved it! unfortunately, i made the mistake of letting him get in the creek to cool off and it made him sick that night :/ poor guy. we may not go back to that park for a while!

photo3 (9)

^^^our not so pretty but really yummy picnic! not pictured: leftover desserts from the wedding, lemonade in mason jars, and juicy nectarines! and look how happy koda is :)

photo4 (9)

on tuesday, we were lucky to spend some time with riley’s aunt jan and uncle dick! they are such sweethearts. we took them on a tour around temple square and in the conference center. it’s always nice to visit those places and play tourists (or tour guides in this case)! i loved getting to know the two of them better and i’m so glad they let us hang out with them for a few hours! everyone in riley’s family is awesome and so friendly.

photo1 (16)

^^^i love this picture of riley and uncle dick escorting aunt jan down the temple stairs :) i turned around and had to capture it!

photo1 (17)

i hope you all had a fun memorial day weekend! and i’m jealous of any of you who spent it at the beach! feel free to send some of it here for me! ;)