green bike is back!

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it was 72 degrees today! can you believe that?! so as soon as i saw that the green bikes were out downtown, i texted riley and told him we had to go on a bike ride with koda. i have been waiting and watching for these bikes to come out again as soon as it stopped snowing. and apparently today is the first day! so riley took his own bike out and i got a green bike. koda ran with riley and he did so good! that dog could run all day if we let him! we took a break at city creek and ran into a few of my lovely friends at anthropologie. of course ;) city creek is awesome because dogs are allowed inside and some stores even have signs on their storefront saying “dogs welcome”! koda’s turning into a little city dog ;)

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^^^we had to stop to get some torpedos from bruges! if you’re from around here, you know what i’m talking about!

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^^^how amazing is this?! i don’t know what it’s all about but i’ve seen it a few times and always think that we need to take a picture in front of it some day. so we did as we rode by it! i think our faces deserve to be painted on the wall ;)

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^^^and then this happened….channel 2 news saw me on a green bike and asked to interview me so we pulled over and i put on one of those fancy clip on microphones and she asked me all about the bikes (with a video camera in front of my face). haha! it was so embarrassing. mostly because i haven’t washed my hair in a while! riley said after, “i can’t believe you said yes!” i can’t either…i don’t usually do that kind of stuff! but there you go! on another note, i can’t wait to use these babies more this spring and summer! it’s such a fun activity to do when we have nothing to do. it’s great to adventure around the city! and it saves the environment, right? :)