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i graduated on friday!! i cannot believe it’s all over! i still feel like i have classes this week! when will that feeling go away? anyway, it was such a perfect, sunny day on temple square and it was so much fun! it was so great to be together with my design program one last time. we were all so pumped and excited. this program has been the biggest blessing in my life. mostly because of all of the friends i made! especially these last two semesters, our graduating class became really close with each other and always lifted each other up. it was amazing to see. i was also able to be in the iida presidency, which brought me out of my shell a bit. plus the girls in the presidency were so great to work with. they are hysterical. i can’t wait to see what all of these amazing people do! as you saw in my post about portfolio, they are all so talented!! so many sweet people and so many memories. good and bad! ;) now brace yourself, this post has a few too many pictures but i couldn’t help myself!

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^^^this was such a sweet moment. the faculty standing by and clapping for us as we walk into the tabernacle. it was so nice to see some really awesome teachers there!

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^^^this was us during the commencement. way too much energy and way too distracted ;)

i was so lucky to have my mom fly out for the big day too! she just flew back home tonight :( but it was so nice to have her and my brother and sister there to support me! i definitely felt the love. and my mom and i wore matching polka dots! totally not planned, i promise!

my graduation was in the tabernacle on temple square. what a perfect place for graduation, with the temple in the background! i’m going to miss those views of the salt lake temple from the 8th floor design rooms!

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^^^my presidency girls! this year would have sucked without them!!


^^^on the right here is Miles, our program director. such a great guy and really such a trooper for putting up with all of us girls!



^^^my sweet becca friend!


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^^^hahaha i just had to


^^^no clue what jaimee is laughing at but i love it!


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^^^luckily, i remembered to get a picture with riley this time ;) my best friend and greatest support this year!!

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^^^i had to throw this in here because it was so dang good. for my graduation dinner, we went to settebello’s downtown. their pizza is amazing but their gelato….oh my heavens. we’re going back at least once a week. ricotta gelato with balsamic glaze!!! lime with basil!!! go now if you haven’t been!

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^^^oh and just one more! i had to get a picture with my koda bear. and i had to put my hat on him because that’s what i like to do and it’s hilarious. :)