good food, good times

We were so lucky these past couple of months to have both of our moms come to town to play with us! Riley’s mom came out for a weekend at the end of march. koda loved having a new friend around! we love having guests because we a) get to try new restaurants and b) get the house super clean! and of course, we love our moms :) sad thing is that i didn’t get any pictures to prove that she was actually here! she spoiled us with a lot of yummy restaurants like market street grill, gourmandise, and the copper onion! me and riley tried oysters for the first time at market street and they were nasty!! does anyone really like those things?!

anyway, michelle really came down for delaney, riley’s sister’s bridal shower. we can’t wait to see the whole family next month for the big day!

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^^^gourmandise is one of our favorite bakeries in the city and it’s always such a treat when we go! the dish we get every time is the cinnamon swirl french toast topped with loads of berries! it’s also a good idea to stop by and get a couple of desserts when you need to treat your sweet tooth ;)

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^^^the copper onion is where riley took me on valentine’s day this year and since it was so good, we had to take riley’s family. we tried each other’s plates and all of them were so good! if you’re in the area, you have to try this place out. it is definitely our number one!

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^^^this was my first time to market street and other than the oysters, it was so good! riley got the ahi tuna and, wow, it was amazing. but i think my favorite part was the bread and clam chowder. that is some good stuff. go here too if you haven’t been :)

well, this just turned into one big foodie post, so there ya go :) thanks for spoiling us michelle!

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