one month to go!

2014-03-07 13.19.20

There’s only a month left until my big portfolio project and graduation! i can’t believe it!! i need more time! but, at the same time i am so so excited to graduate because i have a huge list of things i want to do! i know i’ll miss seeing my friends everyday once we graduate, but i am really really looking forward to having more time to spend with riley! i also can’t wait to read a book (or five). go on a shopping spree and get my nails done. ok maybe just buy like two new things. and maybe just paint my own nails because ain’t nobody got money for that! but lately, i just haven’t had time for any of that! travel-we’ve got exciting things happening this summer!! get a new job (hopefully in design). finally spend time with friends who i’ve neglected. finish my travel journal from our honey moon. take my wedding dress to the cleaner. yep still haven’t done that. explore salt lake some more and go on hikes with my koda bear! bake (and cook) more often. start back in yoga. i’ve gotta get more flexible before i can start dancing again! i can’t believe i’m going to be done with school for forever soon and that i’ll be able to do whatever my heart desires! that’s how that works, right? ;)

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on a side note, the weather is warming up and i am loving it!! it makes it a lot easier to go outside with koda everyday :) the other day we went to liberty park which is kinda like salt lake’s super mini version of central park. i can’t wait for summer because this place will be hoppin’! also, we went to see saving mr. banks. has anyone seen it? i loved it! but you know, i love anything disney :)

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