January proved to be the most stressful month of my life, i think. and it’s not getting much easier. April 11, please get here fast!! I’m talking having a million things on my mind at all times. I am constantly making new lists in my head of all of the things i need to do and when i need to do them. and then i have to write all of those things down. and scratch out things as i complete them. i have to always be working on something productive. i can sit and watch a few episodes of modern family with husband as long as i’m doing laundry or eating dinner or working on a pointless homework assignment. i haven’t had a chance to catch my breath or to stretch or to do anything for myself. that would be a huge waste of valuable time. sitting in class is torture because all of my to-do’s are running through my head and i need to get out of there so i can get things done. so i spend my time in class making lists and drawing out hourly calendars so i know exactly how i’m going to spend each minute for the next week. the days are going by way too fast (but at the same time, not fast enough). i have so many deadlines that seem impossible to reach.  i don’t see any light at the end of this tunnel, yet. luckily, i’m not alone. there are about 30 other girls going through the same thing. it is comforting to know that most of them are at the same place that i am and that each of them are also stressing beyond belief. on top of all of this, i now have two callings at church and am in the interior design presidency at school and we have to worry about planning a couple events in the middle of all this craziness. i know, this is nothing compared to medical or law school, nothing even close. but it is so hard!!

i am so unbelievably grateful that i have riley to help me through this. unfortunately, when i get really stressed, i tend to turn myself off and don’t talk to anyone. i cry a lot. so he’s been suffering through that. but it is so amazing that i always have that one person to lean on and that one person who will always listen and always be there. phew. i’m so lucky to have married someone who is so patient and so willing to help me with anything i need.

reading this article has helped me relax a little, as well as this one. if anyone has any pointers or advice for me, please share!

so yeah, this is why i’ve been pretty absent on here lately. and i probably will be until i graduate in april. just a warning. but april is so close right?! oh no….


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