Charlie the Puppy

2014-02-07 11.11.08

yesterday was my brother’s 19th birthday!! so we drove down to provo to celebrate with him. we started the night off by renting the cutest border collie puppy named charlie! yes, we rented him. no, we did not get a puppy. i am as saddened by it as you are. we want a puppy so so so bad! this past week we were so close to adopting an amazing australian cattle dog from the humane society but we decided maybe we should wait a little longer. especially since we’re gonna be traveling a bit and we’re barely ever home and it’s pretty expensive to have one at out apartment. so i cried a little over that ha! so anyway, we rented charlie yesterday and i fell in love! he is the sweetest little puppy in the world!! he was so curious and so cuddly with me in the car. and he got me to run around in the snow and cold and i didn’t mind it one bit! but i am sooo sore today! how pathetic is that?! proof that we need to get a puppy so i’m forced to be more active, especially in the winter ;)

2014-02-07 11.11.59

2014-02-06 16.56.44

2014-02-06 16.52.35

2014-02-07 11.24.33

2014-02-07 11.23.24

after we had to give charlie back, we spent some time at the riverwoods. we played some games at the provo beach resort (air hockey seriously injured my arm) and then went to dinner at malawis where we ate some delicious pizza! i could honestly eat pizza every day of my life. then it started snowing really hard and we played killer bunnies at bryce’s dorm for a few hours until the snow stopped. it was such a fun day!! i love spending time with bryce. and i love that puppy!!

2014-02-07 11.43.24

2014-02-06 20.14.18