2014-01-09 14.01.53-1

yesterday we had a pretty intense blizzard for most of the day. there was even thunder, which i didn’t know could even happen. i’ve been battling a fever/cold all week which doesn’t help in this weather. but, for some crazy reason, me and riley decided to venture out during the blizzard after i was done with classes for the day. we left the car at my school and jumped on trax, made a stop at starbucks for some hot cocoa, and walked around city creek for a bit. then we took the new streetcar to sugarhouse and walked a few blocks to the dollar theatre where we saw the saratov approach. has anyone seen it? i cried pretty much the whole time. ugh. good thing i have this cold which  disguised my sniffling for the most part. i love days like this with my love. even though it was freezing and i was only wearing one pair of pants and not snow boots. even though i am deathly ill ;) it was worth it. i love taking a break and spending quality time with riley. it’s so precious to me. i’m glad he made me do it ;)