Happy Christmas!

our first christmas together! it was so awesome. i love experiencing these things with riley. we decided we wanted to enjoy our first christmas together on our own. but we also decided to come to california for a little bit during our break. so we had our little crockpot feast and festivities on christmas eve, opened presents and made crepes on christmas morning, then headed off to california! my very first christmas not technically being home wasn’t too bad! especially since we were in california later that night.  plus we listened to harry potter on audio book on the whole drive here ;)

2013-12-22 14.10.38-1

2013-12-24 23.09.05-1

i kept christmas decorations to a minimum this year. i figured i’ll get stuff every year, so i don’t have to get it all at once. and it worked out pretty well! we found the antique hymn book in a cool bookstore downtown once and i opened it to silent night to display. i already had the jars and bottles so i stuck some snippings from our tree and cranberries into them, as well as candles on top. we got the little trees from our local market for five bucks each! and i got the sundance posters last year for five bucks each as well. so pretty much all we bought this year was our Christmas tree, wreath, stocking (from world market) and some ornaments! i’m pretty proud of myself haha

2013-12-24 23.09.47-2

2013-12-24 22.59.09-1

2013-12-24 23.42.47-2

^^^we kept the peper family christmas eve tradition by having chocolate fondue and watching “it’s a wonderful life.”  the chocolate was a bit too bitter for me but i loved the movie! it was my first time seeing it, amazingly. i’m looking forward to keeping this tradition through the years, especially once we have kids!

2013-12-27 10.23.30

^^^this year, instead of buying each other big gifts (since our present to ourselves was coming to california), we decided to just stuff each other’s stockings! we had a lot of fun with it and it was just as exciting as getting big gifts :)

2013-12-25 08.39.35-1

^^^the “before” picture. our dying, droopy tree, such a trooper.

2013-12-25 09.05.02-1

^^^and the aftermath. we scored this year! thank you family!! there’s also a mattress under that mess, another tradition i hope we continue! sleeping under the christmas tree on christmas eve, that is.

2013-12-25 12.02.58-1

2013-12-25 12.02.43-1

 i hope everyone had a very merry christmas! i know we did! and now we’re over here having the times of our lives in 80 degree california!! how ridiculous and amazing is that?!