Christmas drive

2013-12-22 21.13.20-1

last night we went on a sunday drive in search of salt lake city’s best christmas lights! we started in our favorite neighborhood and street: east bench and harrison avenue (where we went to see fall leaves a couple months ago). we brought hot chocolate and listened to christmas music on the radio. we’ve been listening to christmas music for two months now and still aren’t sick of it! it was such a pretty and quiet night! it’s amazing how quiet it is when it’s snowing. i love it! hate driving in it though ;) anyway, here are some pictures i took of our favorite houses. we wouldn’t mind moving in to any of them! all of the houses over there are so dreamy and quaint! and in the most perfect setting. makes me want to stay here forever! kinda not really ;)

excuse my iphone pictures…i forgot my real camera :/

2013-12-22 21.15.01-1

2013-12-22 21.17.37-1

2013-12-22 21.18.51-1

2013-12-22 21.20.19-1

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2013-12-22 21.30.56

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