is it christmas yet?

so i always say that halloween is my favorite, but when christmas comes around, i’m head over heels. on our way home from our friend’s halloween party, i insisted on listening to christmas music. so we’ve been listening to jingle bells for a while already :) and i must say, we have a bomb diggity christmas playlist on spotify! anyway…i am so beyond excited for christmas this year! mine and riley’s first christmas together! we need to get a cheesy ornament to commemorate it. we were planning on just spending our first christmas on our own here in utah, but then we decided to surprise my mom and go to california! well surprises always get ruined so it’s not a surprise anymore…but we’re still so pumped! i love christmas time in california.

the point of this post was to share our 25 days of christmas movies list we’ve come up with! we might start early because we’re so excited but i’ll try to wait till after thanksgiving at least.

Do any of you have favorite christmas movies that we should add to our list? i’d love to hear!