hey jude

our friends chelsey and sean had a baby!! we are so stinking excited for them! i’m also really excited for myself and that i have a baby to play with! we visited them in the hospital a day after little jude beckham smith was born (cutest name ever right?!). he is so tiny and precious! i was so scared i was going to break him or that his head was going to fall off! not even kidding.

in a few years we will have a baby girl and they will get married when they’re older because they’ll be the perfect age difference! my best friend anna is also having a baby boy any day now, so there’s another option for our future daughter ;)

ok now look at this angel baby!!

2013-10-24 16.38.24

2013-10-24 18.18.53


p.s…i just got home from being at school for thirteen hours. real life. design student’s life, that is. and now i’m watching lilo and stitch for some reason while waiting for riley to get home from work. mostly just because i love the elvis and hawaiian music so much. oh boy what a long day…..


now look at that cute baby again!!