one month

yep we are keeping track of months over here haha :) it’s so exciting though! we made it a whole month! just kidding, of course we did :) and we still love each other! not a day goes by that i’m not totally surprised that i’m married. what the heck? we are absolutely loving it. and let me tell you, i love riley so dang much i don’t even know how to handle it. i love being married to him, my best friend. we have the most fun! i’m so so lucky to have a new family and even luckier that they’re all so awesome! being married the temple is amazing. i am so unbelievably grateful to be sealed to riley for all eternity.

gosh, it’s so hard not to post a million pictures! it was the best and most fun day of my life. can i just say, my bouquet is the most beautiful bouquet i’ve seen in my whole life?! the weather was perfect. all of our closest friends and family were there (except my best friends on missions). the reception turned out beyond perfect. we were so giddy about it (and still are), we couldn’t believe how awesome it was! there were s’mores and ice cream sandwiches, and a dj with lots of dancing! i really wish we weren’t late (dang l.a. traffic) and that we could’ve spent more time at the reception. but we still loved every second. thank you thank you thank you to everyone who helped in any way! did i already mention that it was the best day of my life?! well it was :)

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^^^ummm hello you attractive man!




i’m still squealing about this day! and these pictures! amazing right?!

i wish there was a way we could re-live this day over and over again! and i’m also planning on wearing my dress out to dinner on occasion. maybe to a fancy opera or something ;) but really….i love it. and i love being riley’s bride.


*images via aria photography*