and i’m out

tomorrow. it’s finally here!!! well technically, it’s today. we were running around like crazy today (yesterday) getting last minute things done. and i mean last minute. sheesh! i think it’s going to turn out really awesome. at this point, i’m just so excited. and nervous because i’m still awake and will only get like 3 hours of sleep :/

anyway, this week has been amazing! riley and i drove out to california, picked up his best friend jake from the airport, and got our marriage license! on wednesday, riley’s family treated us to disneyland! it was such a great day. i got to meet the other half of riley’s family who are all so amazing! i can’t wait to be a peper :)

thursday, i went through the temple. it was really amazing. i’ll have to go back a lot so i can try to understand everything :)  i was overjoyed every time i looked over and saw riley. i was so happy to have him there with me. i love him! after the temple (and a lot of traffic), we all headed to the beach for a bbq! both of our families met and had such a good time together! we had the best time. i loved watching all of the stars above the ocean.

i have so many pictures to share! but they’re gonna have to wait a while. me and riley are not taking our computers on our honeymoon and are planning on not turning our phones on except to take pictures! it’s going to be great!

i love you all! but mostly, i love my riley peper and cannot wait to marry him tomorrow!! eeeeeeeeeppp!!!!! :)