and we are back!

Hello world! We’re back to reality, which is really sad to me. The last three weeks were super busy and exhausting but also the best three weeks of my life! I got to spend time with a lot of family, marry my best friend, then be with him 24/7 for two weeks straight. I wish it could always be like that.

Our trip started with an 11-hour drive through the night to California. I learned that I am an awful driving partner, especially in the middle of the night. Let me just tell you…when I’m tired, I am tired and it’s extremely difficult for me to be coherent. So I didn’t drive a whole lot and I felt really bad for riley. I’m horrible.

2013-07-30 07.03.05

^^^stretching in the middle of no where.

2013-07-30 05.52.01

^^^sunrise in vegas

Anyway, the fun didn’t really start until we went to Disneyland! In my opinion, the best place on earth and truly the happiest. All of Riley’s family and his dad’s side of the family was there. It was so great meeting them and spending all day at Disneyland with them (i wish i got more pictures of them)! They are seriously the nicest people! And riley’s best friend jake flew out from Indiana for the week. Not sure if he came for Disneyland or the wedding ;) either way, what an amazing friend! I love him already.

2013-07-31 09.34.21

^^^see how excited jake was for disneyland?!

2013-08-14 11.53.22

2013-08-14 11.55.25

2013-08-14 11.58.51

2013-08-14 12.00.56

^^^my first time doing the canoes! good times!

2013-08-14 12.02.09

^^^madi driving the indy jeep!

2013-08-14 12.05.35

2013-08-14 12.06.38

^^^too bad woody and jesse aren’t lovers. but you know, we had to

2013-08-14 12.08.19

2013-08-14 13.00.59


2013-08-14 12.04.06

2013-08-14 13.02.34

2013-08-14 13.03.53

^^^the best thing about disneyland…pineapple dole whip!!!

2013-08-14 13.35.28

2013-08-14 13.16.25

2013-08-14 13.14.13

2013-08-14 13.07.48

^^^turkey legs! yum!

2013-08-14 13.10.08

2013-08-14 13.04.54

^^^also my first time on star tours. we went a bunch of times. why have i never been on it before?! this is madi, riley’s sister and peper, his cousin. cutest name ever right?!

2013-08-14 13.34.39

^^^and we ended the night with the best!

2013-08-14 13.33.07

2013-08-14 13.32.18

^^^also checked out the lego sculptures in downtown disney on the way out! amazing!

hey peper’s, let’s do it again soon!!

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