we love the temple

last week, we went to the temple together and had a great time! we went to the draper temple since the salt lake temple was closed for a week or two. i’ve never been to any other temple here in utah so i was really excited to go somewhere new! and wow, the draper temple is BEAUTIFUL. i hope someday i’ll be a good enough designer to be able to design temples! ;)

we didn’t exactly know where we were going, but it’s not too hard to find your way to those big beautiful buildings that stand out from everything else around them. well, we accidentally drove to the top of a mountain, but it was ok because it was GORGEOUS up there and there were a lot of pretty houses :) we’ve decided that we’re gonna move to draper next year when we’re rich ;)

2013-07-25 12.09.54

2013-07-25 12.10.23

2013-07-25 12.05.52

2013-07-25 12.07.57

^^^look at us goobs

and a couple panaramas…the location was amazing!

2013-07-25 12.08.30

2013-07-25 12.09.20

2013-07-19 14.06.46

^^^this is the castle we’re moving into. it should be finished by next year! 

i love the spirit that is felt in the temple! although i am a little nervous to go through next week (!!!!), i am also so so excited. i know it will be amazing. and i’m so grateful that i’ll have riley there with me! i wouldn’t want it any other way :)