cabin escape

a couple weeks ago for fhe, we got to go to a member of our bishoprics’ cabin! it’s a dream. an old school, legit cabin/ treehouse way up in the woods! it was so great being there. we visited with friends, breathed in fresh mountain air, and made s’mores! riley and i can’t wait to have a place like this of our own in the woods ;)

2013-07-27 00.43.12

2013-07-27 00.56.20

2013-07-15 19.42.12

2013-07-15 19.43.23

^^^ usually how he acts when i want to take a picture of him ;)

2013-07-28 00.33.40

2013-07-27 00.58.26

^^^ me and stephen wore the same outfit. how cute!

2013-07-28 00.32.00

2013-07-27 01.00.06

2013-07-28 00.30.30

^^^some of the best s’mores i’ve ever had! yum!!

when we left the cabin, it started storming pretty bad. it was awesome! by the time we got out of the canyon it was raining really hard and lightning was everywhere. so we chased it through the city to try to get a video. it was such a fun night! we love cabins and thunder storms :)