wedding planning

this is the real reason why i’ve been in california for a month (ONE MORE WEEK!!!). let me tell you, it is not exactly easy or super fun. it’s really stressful and overwhelming. the last week my days have been filled with addressing invites and getting really bad hand cramps. luckily, they’re ALMOST finished!

also, i think at this point, we’ve almost got everything taken care of. cake, check. photographer, check. venue, check. wedding dress, check (kinda, it’s still being made). flowers, check. and really, those are the biggest things. well, the most important is the temple and the groom (and in my opinion, the photographer). and i’ve got all that, so the rest doesn’t matter! when things get too stressful, i just have to remember that in 35 DAYS, i will be married to my best friend :) i’m really so excited.

here are a few sneak peaks at what i’ve been up to lately!

2013-06-25 15.48.05

2013-06-25 15.40.41

2013-06-28 12.36.41

2013-06-26 22.43.17

^^^endless amount of addressing, filling, stamping, and licking envelopes. urgh!

2013-06-28 12.33.25

^^^and going through LOTS of these

my last week here is going to be crazy busy with last minute projects. from there, my mom is on her own ;)