busiest weekend of my life: part 3

saturday was my bridal shower! our amazing friends Lisa and laurie and my sister Brianna put it all together and it turned out so lovely! i requested a tea party theme because riley and i love tea so much! one of the first places we went together was the beehive tearoom in salt lake. now we have our own teapots and tea cups and collect teavana’s amazing herbal teas. we have regular tea time in our apartments :) so brianna made about 630 sugar cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops. those thing took over our kitchen for an entire week. it was a gorgeous day, plus the sorensens have one of the best views in town!

2013-06-15 15.15.57

2013-06-15 19.43.26

2013-06-15 15.21.18

2013-06-20 14.13.30

^^^we were very color coordinated :) now guess which one is a mom of 8!

2013-06-19 16.39.08

2013-06-20 14.07.53

2013-06-20 14.09.18

2013-06-20 14.10.15

2013-06-20 14.11.34

2013-06-20 14.07.13

^^^the abilez girls

this made me so excited all over again to get married to my riley peper :)

also, i love our friends and am so grateful to have them all in my life! so many great examples to me.