busiest weekend of my life: part 2

on friday, i got to take a fun break from everything at six flags with my friend sarah! we’ve been friends since freshman year of high school and always have so much fun when we get together! she bought a season pass so was able to get me in for free! score! it was hot and crowded, but i love this place. it was a nice stress-free break too! and since i got in for free, i didn’t feel¬†guilty¬†about spending 8 bucks on a scoop of cold stone ice cream :)

2013-06-14 15.52.21

2013-06-19 16.36.14

2013-06-19 16.37.59

2013-06-14 20.30.31

until next time magic mountain….

oh and p.s. see some videos from six flags on my vine! :)

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