busiest weekend of my life: part 1

I should really just say week instead of weekend. except it actually felt like 2 weeks. I don’t even know where to start. Each day, starting last Thursday and ending yesterday was packed full of activities. Thursday was bryce’s high school graduation! Craziness. How is he old enough to graduate from high school?! He’s the last Abilez to graduate! we’re so proud and excited for him. i’m most excited for him to be in utah next year, even if it is for byu ;)

2013-06-16 22.13.20-2

 ^^^waiting for the ceremony to start, i’m sassy

2013-06-18 21.14.17

2013-06-19 00.09.15

  2013-06-19 16.41.02

2013-06-18 21.22.17

yay brycey!!

i’m going to put the weekend’s activities into separate posts because there is just way too much for one post. so stay tuned! :)

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