into the wild, and other shenanigans

today, we both had the genius idea of taking a break from planning and stressing to escape into the mountains. it was so nice and refreshing and helped a TON to clear my mind. also, it smells heavenly up in these mountains and the air is so fresh and crisp! i really need to get out more often! :)

2013-05-24 23.33.32

2013-05-24 23.55.48

2013-05-24 23.56.36

2013-05-24 23.57.42

2013-05-24 23.34.30

^^^oh i love him so!

2013-05-24 09.40.05

also, the other day we spent some time at 9th & 9th: a little corner with cute shops and restaurants. we discovered AMAZING middle eastern food and yummy gelato next door. score! i love days where we have time to do anything, and we usually end up exploring the city, which is just the best!

2013-05-24 09.49.31 2013-05-24 09.50.43

i love how much fun riley and i have together. it makes me so so excited for our future! i wish you could all get to know riley to know how awesome he is!

unfortunately and fortunately, i’m going home to california for a whole MONTH on sunday morning. it’s gonna be rough but i’m also so so excited to be reunited with the ocean and perfect weather! ok, i guess i’m excited to see my family and friends too ;) and when i get back, i’ll be able to move into our new apartment which i’m stoked for! yay! exciting things!!!

alright alright, enjoy your saturday!

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